Haiti Relief via Tao Games

January 15, 2010

My good friend Ben Lehman is donating profits from PDF sales of his rpgs to Haiti relief. Also note that if you’ve already donated, he’ll send you a free PDF!:

Hi everyone.

From now until Sunday midnight, I’ll donate all profits from PDF sales on my website (which is basically the amount you paid) to Haitian earthquake recovery organizations. Additionally, I will donate $5 from each copy of Drifter’s Escape. So if you’ve been thinking about buying Polaris or Bliss Stage, now’s a great time. For this to work, you have to buy directly from my website not from IPR.

If you have already donated $10 or more, send me a receipt and I’ll send you a free PDF.

A short summary of the games he has:

Bliss Stage: The Evangelion mecha game where your relationships power your mechs- and your mech’s damage damages your relationships. Angst! Trauma! Fun!

Polaris: The fantasy game of knights trying to defend the doomed society before time in face of the first Dawn. GM-less. Awesome. Tragic.

Drifter’s Escape: The Americana game about a person travelling into town, just trying to get by, while The Man and the Devil both try to con him or her out of her soul.

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