Betrayal Games

February 14, 2010

I just ran across this neat article on Werewolf.

While I appreciate the game design, I avoid those types of games. The basic premise bothers me- even the article uses exactly the terms that let you know what it’s about – witch hunts and lynchings.

And unlike many boardgames or cardgames that play on similar ideas, you don’t have much or any cushions in play – it falls solely on social interaction and manipulation. You’re not pushing forward more chips or holding a hand of cards- you’re straight up pleading or accusing folks.

Tie that into games that typically go for many, many hours and people frying out- basically, putting yourself in the similar states that interrogators use on folks… yeah, not my cup of tea.

For comparison, I used to play a lot of Tenjo- a boardgame about warring states Japan. Like Werewolf, you knew it would come down to every person for their own, but you had ways of succeeding even without alliances- and when alliances broke, you might be backed up with extra troops or special cards. In other words, you could say, “Damn, she had better cards/more troops than I thought” but it didn’t come down to, “Damn, of all those folks, no one believed me.”

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