Sorcerer & Horror Logic

June 29, 2010

Jesse sums up how I usually explain Demons in Sorcerer: “Horror” means ordinary everyday world encounters a singular, unknowable *thing* whose explanation ranges from unrevealed dark human truth to completely incomprehensible.

Ron says, “Demons don’t exist” which confuses everyone. I usually point to horror movie monsters – Jason, Freddy, Candyman, the ghost girl from The Ring, etc.

Each one, in their fictional stories, aren’t part of a cosmology of the world- they’re an exception, a violation of it. The “how” of how they exist might be left unexplained, it might be unexplainable or unknowable anyway.

And you fucked around with the universe and broke it’s shit to knowingly have this THING happen. And you’re going to try to USE IT.

Don’t worry about how the world works, how demons work, or how sorcery works- all of that might be totally unknown.

Focus on this: Who the hell are YOU, to have done this thing, and who the hell are YOU that will make this situation work for you? What kind of person has that kind of verve and arrogance to try to pull THAT off?

That’s Sorcerer.

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