Wonder Woman and the Amazons

July 3, 2010

Across the world, people have been developing strange, superhuman powers. Some focus these abilities towards excelling in a field – music, art, sports, finance, disaster relief, etc.

But some choose less beneficent paths – all around the world one can find corruption, strife, wars ready to break out – and with these powers, it’s too easy to find work, or even just an outlet for violent minds.

As tensions mount and these “superpowered” disasters (terrorism?) strike more and more frequently, governments are scrambling to restore order.

But only one group is ready to handle it. From the small island nation of Themyscira, the Amazon Team is sent around the world led by their captain, Diana “Wonder Woman” Prince.

They alone know the reasons for these powers, and what is truly at stake.

The Titans have been reborn in human bodies, and it’s only a matter of time before the wars of old return to the land. So, they must be stopped, before they fully awaken to their powers.

Game idea

I’m seeing this as probably a PTA game, with Diana as the lead character and the various Amazons as spotlight characters as part of the team, each episode fighting a new threat – with overarching issues being the global politics.

In terms of the superheroics- less supers running around than the DC universe. But, yeah, full fucking superpowers- Wonder Woman can fly, she can knock people throw walls, she’s got a magic sword that cuts through tanks, her lasso makes you tell the truth, and she blocks bullets with her bracelets.

The Amazons would also be doing some pretty awesome stuff, though I’m thinking lower level powers- like the Outsiders (you know, where people are ONLY lifting and throwing motorcycles, not tanks and trucks). Maybe every location in the world has a local Amazon agent, who has the inside knowledge of the area and the politics.

The Titans would be “supervillains” on the low level, but more powerful? Let’s think freakish disasters- like Akira. They just become bad to exist, sort of like the Aberrants from Trinity. The big problem would be dealing with governments and folks trying to protect/use these things for their advantages and the horrible crap that comes down with that.

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