It took many hands to make this

July 5, 2010

Glockgal's Cartoon on Failbender

And, essay to go with it.

My frustration with media is that this keeps happening, over and over. So many people point to it as an “isolated incident”. No, you don’t have 100 years of cinema involving whitewashing and hundreds of people working on a film and it’s an “accident”. And then it happens over and over.

This, is, to be expected with large media- the more money at stake, the more money in the pot, the more many hands want to be in it, the more restrictions people put on what you can do. That these choices are inevitably racist and sexist has a lot less to do with “what sells” and mostly to do with what people are willing to sell.

On the flip side- this is why I’m just as critical of independent media- because you don’t have investors, company executives or marketing team pushing for you to put in problematic elements- it’s you and your small crew, if even that. You can’t say you lost control – you did this yourself.

When you put out work that says, “Fuck you!” don’t be surprised when people yell “Fuck you!” in return.

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