Shadowrun World

July 16, 2010

I’m thinking I’m going to have to do a Shadowrun Hack of Apocalypse World at some point.

The grubby desperation to keep fed and housed, the “I know a guy who knows a guy, but that guy works for the other gang-oh shit!”, and just cracked out action of Apocalypse World seems like a perfect fit for Shadowrun. One of my big sticking points for Shadowrun was the clunky system (and fucking up Seattle, and sketchy race shit…).

I could see keeping the moves, but adding in Moves like, “Going Wireless”, “Calling Spirits and Daemons”.

The interesting twist is that AW doesn’t have a social structure- power is pretty much you, me, us, them, nothing above gangs- while Shadowrun is basically about the us vs. them under the heavy shadow of the corporations crushing everyone underfoot.

In half the cases it’s going to be dealing with folks after you because they’re dealing with a scarcity, and the other half would be dealing with folks after you because they’re just fucking greedy.

Having a rival gang push you out of your territory because they’re going to set up a giant neo-meth house out of your entire apartment complex is just as messed up as having everyone in the building get arrested in a surprise police raid because they want to knock it down and put up a mall in time for next month’s World Cup game.

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