A little bit of gaming history

September 3, 2010

Theory from the Closet has a podcast with David Wesely, looking at the precursors to roleplaying in the wargaming community. It’s a long listen, but it’s really interesting how much the experience, as gamers, as publishers, reflects later tabletop roleplaying in general.

– That going above small print runs resulted in losing money and having to mulch games rather than pay taxes on the stock.
– The recognition of the social issues driving play, including the dysfunction of folks who are just there to be griefers and not actually play
– Clear hindsight that lack of clear rules makes even getting to play challenging
– Parlor LARPing, non-military goals… very interesting!
– “Referees” being actually a new idea to that scene – that it was, effectively an innovation for the American Wargame crowd outside of military wargames.
– The issues of having someone else publish your game and losing control of the final product

Really neat stuff!

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