PAX: You fuckers need to tip

September 11, 2010

Geek Girls Rule, Quoted for Truth:

Here’s the thing. For many of the SF/F cons I’ve worked on, servers will fight over who gets to work that weekend, because we tip well. We know we’ll be back, we know they’ll be slammed and over-worked, so we tip well. Talking to my friend who works one of the coffee shops around the convention center, when it comes to PAX, they fight over who doesn’t have to work PAX, because you guys have given us the reputation of stingy ass mother fuckers. Service industry folks talk, and no one likes PAX because of this.

I was at that little discussion, and basically, when you get the average of 1 tip per 18 customers?

From people who a) flew across the country to b) buy $60 videogames?

To people who are taxed 18% above normal taxes because the state ASSUMES they get tipped every time?

Y’all make me glad I didn’t go to PAX.

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