I can relate to be unrelatable

September 30, 2010

Neo-Prodigy’s Plight of the POC Storyteller is something I can relate to.

I remember one time Ben asked me why I enjoy the problematic “Legend of the 5 Rings”, and I explained that it was one of the few games where if I played an asian character, no one looked at me funny.

No one thought it was an insert, it wasn’t a weird out-of-place kind character, etc. That is, if I wanted to play an asian character, they could be heroic, villainous, sympathetic, whatever- they were a character > “asian” as the predominant qualifier.

The recent drama around Steal Away Jordan also hits the topic, in that the drama basically revolved around the assumption that the game was produced primarily with white people in mind… And, that the backlash, sadly, was all about centering white people’s reactions as well.

A lot of folks seem unable to tell comprehend that when I talk about making media “about us”, I don’t mean “us” as individuals, I mean, “us” as culturally, as a diversity, as a people having broader experiences.

Of course, I guess the same folks who can’t see people as the complexity of people, there’d be no way they’d be able to imagine stories of the same.

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