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October 4, 2010

A Gamehack for running Exalted using the Sorcerer Rules

Extra Rules

You’re going to want all 3 of the supplments to Sorcerer. The rules from each that are used include:

– Dual humanity definition rules from Sorcerer’s Soul
– Pacting, Humanity Trading, and Roll-over victories from Sorcerer & Sword (you will probably want the necromancy rules as well)
– Martial arts from Sex & Sorcery.

Adjusting the Scale

In Sorcerer, most average folks have a 3-4 in their scores. Given that Exalted operates at much higher power levels, assume a normal human being has a 2 in their scores, with lesser scores being 1 and better humans being 3.

So already characters start off that much more epic.


Humanity has dual definitions as per Sorcerer’s Soul.

The first definition is concern for the well-being of people and communities – the classic heroic trope. Humanity checks are abandoning them or actively harm.

The second definition is acts that promote reconciliation amongst groups, powers, people, individuals, you and your past life, anything. Humanity checks are destroying relationships, sundering friendships, families, and functional balances of power.

The story of Exalted really begins with killing the Primordials which not only begets the Great Curse, but also creates all the necrotic taint from the Abyssal Exalted, etc. – the real danger to Creation is that all of it is at war with each other- very much the big theme is how to find a form of co-existence which is very Princess Mononoke in a way.

Humanity 0

Use the idea of the “Limit Break” from Exalted- the Exalted Soul takes over and temporarily acts as a Possessor instead of a Parasite- forcing the Exalted character into doing something stupid, terrible or rash that results in Great Ruin. Think Greek tragedy- killing allies, unleashing demons, taking revenge upon an entire city for the wrong of one person, basically fucking it up for everyone.


Each Exalted character begins with two Covers- their normal past life, before Exaltation, as well as a Cover based on Caste.

Dawn Caste = Warriors
Zenith Caste = Leaders
Twilight Caste = Scholars
Night Caste = Espionage
Eclipse Caste = Diplomats (can be used for Pacting!)


Stamina Descriptors
Laborer, Warrior, Living Clean, Ascetic Practice, Inhuman, Simply Healthy.

Will Descriptors
Angry & Vengeful, Code of Honor, Natural Exuberance, Driven, Follower of the Status Quo, Believer in Destiny

Lore Descriptors
Hapless Fool (1), Novice Exalted (2=3), Memories of Past Life (2-4), Guided (manipulated?) by those who know (3-5), Knows of the Betrayal (4+), Versed in Creation (5+)


Good Prices for Exalted:
– Overconfident (-1 die on first roll of any scene)
– Guilty (-1 die on social rolls on your own behalf)
– Unbalanced (-1 die on perception rolls)
– Vengeful (-1 die to resist the Exalted Soul’s Great Curse rolls)
– God-killer (-1 die to any social interaction with spirits, gods, etc.)
– Infamous (-1 die to any human social interaction)
– Past Life Traitor (-1 die to any social interaction w/Other Exalted)


In Sorcerer mechanics, treat Exalted as Sorcerers with parasite demons- Solar Exalted reincarnation is a demon that cannot be banished – the host dies if it is ripped from them in any fashion.

The telltale is the Anima- which flares up brighter depending on how much Power is being used.

The Need is time- it takes time to recover Essence. Assume 8 hours per level of Power. If an Exalted finds another source of Essence, like a Manse, the Manse rolls it’s Power vs. the Exalted Soul’s – success means the Need is immediately filled, though the Manse operates at -1 Power until it’s own time requirement passes.

The Want is The Great Curse- Exalted Souls push for the host to act in an unbalanced way – ranging from irrational compassion to utter ruthlessness to reckless action – repeating the mistakes they’ve made in their past life, to great disaster and ruin for everyone.

This is the only place where the Exalted Soul will make direct action upon the Sorcerer- using it’s Will (modified by Binding) to provide a bonus roll or a penalty roll to encourage those behaviors if it hasn’t been sated recently. (So, you might have the Demon roll it’s 5 dice of Will vs. the Sorcerer’s 4 dice of Will with successes being bonuses towards that behavior or penalties to opposite behavior).


The Binding between an a character and their Exalted Soul measures whether the person now or the past life is holding more sway in their life.

A Solar Exalted who wishes to improve the Power of their Exalted Soul will need to take time to connect with their past life. This can be meditation, re-enacting similar situations, finding artifacts or meaningful places, or even other Solar Exalted and reincarnated souls.

Consider this a Ritual – breaking Binding is free and doesn’t require a roll, though Contacting (learning more about your Past Life) does (though failing just means penalty dice on the Binding) and finally Re-Binding. You can add Abilities or Scores to an Exalted Soul but you can’t remove any.

A Sorcerer Exalted Quicksheet

ETA: I just made a simple 2 page quicksheet for players. It covers the basic ideas behind Sorcerer rules, assuming that your players are probably familiar with Exalted but not Sorcerer.

Exalted Sorcerer Word Doc here

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