Post Apocalyptic Party

October 13, 2010

I’ve been generally out of the loop of new games coming out. I vaguely recall something about re-releasing Gamma World, but wasn’t aware it’s already here.

Gabe from Penny Arcade’s description of GW using card decks as immediate equivalent to “random roll charts” sounds pretty awesome. The booster deck thing is a stupid idea though. They’d be just as well off making randomized decks printable and available with a DDI subscription- and allow fans to make their own as well.

This comes on the heels of me re-reading octaNe, not only one of my favorite games of post-apocalyptic wackiness, but full of good GM’ing advice which has seriously shaped a lot of modern rpg design and play.

And, of course, just a couple of weeks ago, Apocalypse World saw full release for folks interested in a more gritty and brutal game. Also full of great GM advice and mechanics that interface a little differently than most in a really neat way.

And of course, there was Tribe 8, which is probably the darkest and most jacked up post-apocalyptic setting I’ve ever seen, though it’s also probably the only explicitly matriarchial one to build a full game line.


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