The Drow thing, again

November 29, 2010

So let’s play the context game, again.

1. D&D has a long history of little or no representation of black people.

Where they have shown up, they’ve typically been evil savages, and, only in the last 10 years, have we had regular token (3 or less, please) appearances of black characters who don’t fall into those stereotypes.

Unsurprisingly, POC depictions generally tend to be weighted towards… sexualized asian female characters, much like most media through a white male lens.

2. BUT, there’s this whole race of literally BLACK elves, BUT they have European features.  Also, they are often depicted wearing pretty skimpy sexualized gear.  (something-something sexualized mulatto issues…)

3. AND they’re evil. And like to sacrifice people. And they’re probably the only humanoid matriarchal society in the setting.

So, the big message is:

Black people… not interesting enough to include in the game. BUT Black WHITE people, who are evil and sacrifice people, totally interesting.

Ayep. And when it comes to LARPing, or things like this, it’s always interesting how few or no black people are in the social circles BUT it’s awesome to pour on the blackface to be elves.

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