Ron Edwards’ Understanding the Pool

December 2, 2010

Ron put up an essay(PDF) on James West’s The Pool(RTF).

It’s an excellent charting of how The Pool’s mechanics fit together to make the game work, where it supports strongly, and all the areas you have to work out on your own as well.

Ron’s part on what conflicts are about, that the GM’s job is to grab aspects of the characters’ stories and backgrounds and go, “Oh yeah?” fits right in with my thoughts on stake setting and actually highlights an important thought:

Removing an element which a player is invested in (a relationship, a character, a town, whatever) might be the ultimate threat, but it’s rarely as interesting as changing it’s place, or status.

That is, killing your character’s father might be interesting, but probably not as interesting as having him do things that get the character in trouble, having the relationship sour, or other such things.

Which is exactly the “Oh yeah?” kind of thing Ron is talking about.

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