Hiatus and Direction

April 27, 2011

I don’t like to do a lot of blogging about blogging. My posting rate has dropped drastically, and more than just being very busy, it has to do with reconsidering what and how I will be posting material in the future.

Over a month ago I came across Dominic Wasch’s “Gamemastering” published by Red Brick LLC. Within it includes chapters on “Flag Framing” and “Conflict Webs”, two things which, long time readers from my original blog, Deep in the Game, will recognize as things I wrote about in 2006.

I was never contacted and have never given permission for my work to be used. Within the book the only “credit” is a brief mention of “bankuei” in a list of thanks along with a lot of other folks. (Extra irony: the line of books is called “Pro-Indie”…)

I’ve contacted Redbrick and gotten the editor to agree to credit me in future printings, which is about all I can reasonable do without going to legal means, which I can’t afford nor do I really have the energy for. In my ideal world, there would simply be a court order demanding that they remove my work from their product.

That said, my main concern right now is how to prevent this sort of thing in the future and what methods are worth the time and energy and what that would look like.

The easiest method, and more appealing at this time, is simply to stop posting.

We’ll see.

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