Dresden Files… hmm, maybe I’ll pass

July 7, 2011

Random folks have mentioned I should check out the books, and maybe the RPG.

Of course, red flag #1 is that it sounds like the books use the classic “ZOMG scary people of color!” trope while not actually having POC characters.

Of course, that’s just the usual cluelessness, but then, there’s always white privilege defensiveness that nails the coffin:

Jim Butcher tweets:

Why do some people not understand than I’m the real person, and that the fiction I write is… well, fiction?

Fiction means make-believe. I’m not a goddamned socioeconomic historian

I did respect them, actually. Up until the “fuck you Jim Butcher” part.

I take that back. Up until the part where they play the racist card. 🙂

Ah, yes, the racist card. Because a book in modern, urban America which only has white characters, and people of color are non-characters, shadows scurrying in the dark, who live in urban Mordor, where agony and suffering hangs in the air like the glare of Sauron is totally a reasonable accident.

Naturally you’d need to be a socioeconomic historian to not trip over that one!

And it’s totally exploring new fictional space and not at all related to real world racism how people of color aren’t people but actually just dangerous threats who live in scarytown… oh wait.

I think this wry observation might explain his response:

….we must first explain to you something very important about white people. When we are asked to talk about race, we tend to freak the fuck out all over the place. The reason, of course, is that talking about race is dangerously close to acknowledging the existence of racism, and if white people acknowledge the existence of racism, we might have to DEAL WITH racism. SOMEONE MIGHT EVEN CALL US RACIST. Which is actually the worst thing that can happen IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. It is worse than meteors of fire falling from the sky and eradicating the entire earth, worse than a lake of magma opening up and swallowing the North American continent, worse than an army of demons emerging from the depths of hell bearing many hot pokers with which to poke us. THAT IS HOW BAD IT IS. Surely it must be worse than EXPERIENCING racism, right? RIGHT? IT’S TOTALLY WORSE.

Naturally, some folks will go, “But you didn’t give his books/game a chance!” and I have to wonder why I should be putting money towards creators who can’t be bothered to have me, folks around me, or people like us, in the biggest collective sense, as people?

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