L5R Apocalypse World: Bayushi Samurai

August 16, 2011

I’m slowly chugging together some playbooks for the hack. I’m starting with the samurai because the shugenja will require some funky moves and I haven’t tried to think about that just yet. For the most part it’s pretty easy to come up with 3-4 abilities for a given playbook, it’s the last ones that are hard… and the fricking stats.

I really like the idea of different Moves giving different information to the various Clans- the Crab move is all about Shadowlands lore, while the Scorpion here, are all about digging up dirty secrets and sowing division.

Obviously, this is all stuff in rough form. I’ll have to go back over it once I get a couple of the playbooks together and see if they fit well against each other, and polish things with play.

Anyway, a look into the abilities for the Scorpion samurai- playing around with Shame and manipulation:

Bayushi Samurai

Mask without Shame
You never gain Shame from associating with individuals with 4 or more Shame.

The Heart is always a Target
You may roll + Hx (vs. PCs) and + Insight (vs. NPCs) in Duels instead of + Spirit

The Poison of the Tongue
When provoking, insinuating, or slandering in public, roll +Hx (Vs. PCs) or + Presence (vs. NPCs). 10+ They must pick one below. 7-9 They pick one but someone else steps up to defend them as well.

– They are enraged and must fight back with words or deeds
– They remain silent and are implicated by rumor and doubt
– They attempt to defend themselves and reveal a secret

When engaging with someone over time, or witnessing them engage with others, you can ask questions. Roll + Insight. (“Who” questions always involve the people present). 10+ Pick 3. 7-9 Pick 1.
– Who do you care about the most?
– Who do you trust the most?
– Who do you think has more than they deserve?
– What makes you a good person?
– What do you think I want?
– Which is more important to you (name a goal or person) OR (name a different goal or person)?

Taste of Betrayal
When poisoning another, roll +Hx for PCs, + Insight for NPCs. Default is Harm 3. 10+ Pick 3. 7-9 Pick 1.

– Only the target got poisoned, no one else.
– It’s not obvious it was poison, it looks only like illness
– It’s delayed (pick: hours or days)
– It’s not lethal (Harm 1, targets incapacitated for a few days)
– It’s very lethal (Harm 5)

On a miss, the GM chooses either: the last person you’d want gets poisoned instead; the last person you’d want to get blamed gets accused; you’re put in a sticky situation; the person suffers no ill effects, as if someone knew ahead to administer the antidote, and you’re not sure who…

No one need ever know…
When hiding evidence of a crime or deed (your own or others’), roll + Presence.
On a 10+, it’s gone to any but the most dedicated investigation, and the path points to another.
On a 7-9, half of the evidence is gone (the body but not the blood, etc.) and there’s a plausible alibi on hand. On a 6- your contacts are unavailable, or, worse, bumble the process.

+1 to Presence

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