Gaming in Review

October 11, 2011

In the last two years, I’ve played or ran:

– 2 campaigns of Primetime Adventures
– A multisession adventure of Mouse Guard
– A full Apocalypse World campaign
– A one-off AW game
– A con game of Bliss Stage
– 2 sessions of Hot Guys Making Out
– A one-shot PTA session
– A one-shot of the Ecology of the Mud Dragon
– 2 story arcs of Sorcerer (Sorcerer/Exalted)
– A few sessions of Burning Wheel
– Jumped into session of CAPEs
– Attempted a PBEM game of Blood & Honor (crumbled due to time constraints on everyone)
– A couple of one shots of 4E D&D
– I’m sure I’m forgetting some other one-shots as well…

…and I’m about to get into short D&D campaign.

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