Sorcerer Exalted: Now with Dogs in the Vineyard!

October 11, 2011

My ongoing Sorcerer/Exalted game has been going better – we’ve worked out the technical kinks, and mostly it’s about me keeping on top of scene control and, basically putting my hand in the mix to keep the momentum up.

One of the things I realized after prepping for this week is how much the Town set up advice from Dogs in the Vineyard has been guiding my prep for this game as well.

The short version of the DITV advice is: In a community, there’s an injustice of some sort, a reaction, and between all this, either the community is about to fall apart, has fallen apart, or is so radically changed from expectations that it forms a problem in and of itself.

In the case of Exalted’s setting, the fun thing is that I can have a lot of options to play with the idea:

1) People vs. People (Imperial injustice, local power plays, intrigue amongst Dragonblooded)
2) Spirits & Gods vs. People (failure to sacrifice, failure to protect, protection turned to tyranny, angry spirits, etc.)
3) Past lives vs. People (Solar Exalted’s past excesses, injustices committed against the Exalted, etc.)

Now that I’ve got this consciously in mind, next go around will be really interesting.

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