About Deeper in the Game

October 21, 2011

Who I’m writing for

Geeks of color and marginalized folks. Those of us who have always been at creative forefronts even as we face gatekeeping, erasure, and plagiarism. Those of us who love to make stories together, with a bit of dice rolling and unexpected outcomes along the way.

I’ve been playing RPGs since the mid 80s and writing about RPGs online in various places since the early 2000s.  Some of my ideas or ways of communicating said ideas has evolved, and some are pretty much the same.

My basic stances are:

  • Play games you like, with people you like
  • Different people want different things from their games – play with rules that do what you want
  • Talk to each other and communicate honestly about your game
  • If you pay for a game, then it’s the designer’s responsibility to have actually designed it to work
  • Roleplaying games, as a hobby/culture/industry, needs to address and remove racism, sexism, and hate.


If you think your gaming or game design has been improved by what I write, please hook me up with a few bucks at my Patreon.  I’m no longer in desperate need of cash like when I was fighting or recovering from cancer, but the extra cash is appreciated.

“I would like to use your writing!”

Thanks for the thought!  As usual under copyright law, you can quote and attribute appropriately in other works.  I do not give permission for my posts or writing to be used in entirety, including as translations.

A number of years back, someone decided to publish a book using some of my theory without notifying me.  When I contacted them, they “claimed” they found my work “anonymously” posted in another language.  Either way, people can’t act right, so the answer is a flat no, all around, these days.  Sorry.

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