Deeper in the Game for Dummies

October 21, 2011

Who I’m writing for

I write about tabletop roleplaying games and the culture around it, primarily from and for folks like me – geeks of color, marginalized folks, all of us who have found a ton of fun in using our imaginations and finally having spaces where we could make our own stories.

You wouldn’t believe how much shit I encounter from people who seem to insist that I, or other people, should have to put up with racism, sexism, or other crappy behavior to enjoy the hobby.

I’ve made it easy not to be stupid, so don’t be stupid

The comments are off on nearly every post these days.

Some people, for some strange reason, take that as an indication that I secretly want to talk to them, and that, they should either go looking through old posts OR go stalk me down on other websites.

It’s been mostly creepy racist white dudes who hold grudges because “It’s all they have”.


I’ve started breaking out key posts on the sidebar under appropriate categories.

The numbered links indicate the order I think people will get the most from reading in that order, the unnumbered ones are pretty much good at any point.

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