Wolsung steampunk RPG preview

October 21, 2011

Apparently a Polish steampunk-fantasy rpg – Wolsung is being translated into English.

The preview rules seem neat enough, there’s some indie rpg influence as well with stakes setting, and the special powers/abilities seeming a bit like Keys/Secrets from the Shadow of Yesterday.

It also seems like a lighter version of the neat stuff from Deadlands – mixing cards, dice, and tokens to run things.

But of course, Steampunk is the past if it were AWESOME, the way you’d want to imagine it

A horrifying faux-aboriginal person image, exemplifying the worst of stereotypes

A ridiculous Fu-Manchu character, also horribly stereotyped

If you believed non-white people were the stereotypes of white media in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s, when people tried to measure intelligence by judging the shape of their heads.

I guess I’ll have to toss this in the same category of games as Into the Far West – another game which looked neat but I will have to warn folks away from on general principle.

ETA – so it looks like they decided to pull those two images off of their website gallery. (Mind you, those images are still in the book…) Funny given the sheer amount of defensive bluster about how those images aren’t racist or problematic at all, that they’re now suddenly not available at their site anymore… I mean, clearly people thought this artwork wasn’t just OK, but as GOOD, which is why it got showcased in their gallery to begin with right? Way to stand by your words, there.

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