Like I said…

January 9, 2012

NY Times on D&D’s upcoming, 5th Edition:

A result, said David M. Ewalt, a senior editor at Forbes and the author of a forthcoming history of Dungeons & Dragons, has been a fractured fan base. The game is a group activity, he said, and playing together is tricky when players use different rules. “Imagine trying to organize a basketball team, if the point guard adheres to modern league rules, but the center only knows how to play ancient Mayan handball.”

As I’ve said for some time now, you actually need to be using the same rules for a game to work.

All that said, strategically I don’t think backward compatibility will be a good thing for WOTC, business-wise. The old school niche is already well served between the used book market, illegal scans, and the Old School Renaissance.

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