Battle Angel Alita/Gunnm via MHRP

March 1, 2012

I’m withholding judgment about the actual system of MHRP until I play it, though I thought I’d play with statting up one of my favorite manga heroines. What’s pretty interesting is that while she certainly alters Milestones here and there, she seems to come back to these core two issues, and her powers sometimes add things, she also comes back to this basic power set, though, admittedly, at this point in the series, we’re looking at D10 and D12 dice ratings.  That said, I figured this is mostly wehere she was at for most of the Scrapyard storyline- solid D8’s.

Battle Angel Alita

Solo D10  Buddy D6  Team D8

Never Back Down
Memories of Mars
Burning Sense of Justice

Panzer Kunst Secret Arts
Enhanced Reflexes D8
Hertza Haeon D8

*Focus trade 2 dice of the same size for 1 die +1 step
*Martian Flashback: 1 PP, take your highest Stress die and add it into your Pool for the rest of the scene, but also add it to the Doom Pool.
*Bladework – add D6 to the Doom Pool OR step up the lowest Doom Pool die for each extra target. Roll those extra dice with your pool, then return them to the Doom Pool.

Limit: Conscious Activation – 1PP when Stressed out or unconscious shut down Panzer Kunst Secret Arts.
Limit: Amnesia – 1 PP to Shutdown Panzer Kunst when you encounter someone who knows remembers the style and can counter it. Action vs. Doom Pool to recover it.

Cyborg Body
Enhanced Durability D8
Enhanced Speed D8
Enhanced Strength D8

*Sacrifice Body: +1 to your Physical Stress Die and add it into your Pool for a single action

Limit: Total destruction- 1 PP to Shutdown Cyborg body after being Physically Stressed Out. Regain Cyborg body with appropriate Transition Scene.

Combat Master D10
Acrobatics Master D10
Menace Expert D8

1 xp When you trash talk or start trouble with other warriors
3 xp When you take a reckless and dangerous risk
10 xp When your troublemaking causes harm to those around you OR you give up a fight to avoid harming those around you

All these people have shaped who I am
1 xp When you spend time getting to know someone you’ve protected
3 xp When you go out of your way to protect people you don’t know
10 xp When you accept another’s burden placed upon you or reject it completely.

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