Signal Boost: Dog Eat Dog

March 29, 2012

“Dog Eat Dog isn’t a game about how colonialism steals resources; it’s a game about how colonialism steals identities. Who you were, who you are, and who you can be? That’s what gets stolen, and Dog Eat Dog is about how much of that you can hold on to.”

Dog Eat Dog is a roleplaying game about colonialism and how it reshapes people and cultures.

I playtested it a few years back and it was pretty fun and a damn good teaching tool about how people see (and just as importantly, don’t see) how belief systems go hand in hand with institutions and how these things play out power and privilege.

The awesome part of the game is that it works like a mirror both on the part of the oppressor and the oppressed – the Colonizer is defined by a growing set of Rules which are what the Natives perceive to be how the Colonizer’s expectations work. That said, the first Rule, never chosen by the Natives, is that the Natives are inferior to the Colonizer.

Everything moves from there and it reflects so much of what you see in history and present day… it’s amazing.

The Natives become reflected through the eyes of the Colonizer, particularly in where the Colonizer chooses to enforce the Rules and how.

It’s a great game and worth supporting a creator of color!

ETA: Here’s an Actual Play account recently.

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