Better Than That

April 14, 2012

It’s time again for white gamerdom to fret about the lack of people of color and then find a way to explain how it’s really no one’s fault and nothing need ever change.

It begins with a reasonable Modest Proposal for Increased Diversity in D&D. The discussion is being moderated by Teresa Nielsen Hayden who, just 3 years ago, threatened to use her position as editor to make sure “people would pay” who were criticizing her husband’s racially problematic statements. Oh. Ok.

There’s always multitudes of “arguments” made to dismiss any call for something better, but I’m just going to come down to two points.

Who is harmed by more diversity?

Will more people of color and women in your games and media destroy all spacetime and existence as only division by zero can achieve?

Here’s what really happens:

Women, POC, WOC, etc: “Hey, look, we actually show up in this game/world! Cool. Maybe I can ALSO have an escapist fantasy for myself.”

Non-racist/sexist white guy: “What? Oh, there’s different people in this game/media? Oh, I guess it’s true other things are pretty bad at that. I wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t bring it up.”

Racists/Sexists: “Wait! This game/media about an imaginary world is showing other people on par with white men!!! HOW DARE YOU put this in my escapism fantasy!!! I can’t imagine white male supremacy anymore!”

I’ll just leave this link and quote Nora K. Jemisin’s summary of this attitude breaks it down nicely:

“We don’t really believe everyone is created equal. Ohhhh, it’s so hard; such a burden to have to think about all this. See how it harms us, stifles us, to give a damn about others? It makes us less creative! It damages the genre! And all these policies that say we can’t harass and belittle and exclude whole groups of people in order to make ourselves feel superior are just so much. How can we function under the bootheel of such oppression?”

It’s just a game/story/cartoon/etc!

It’s always interesting to me how this argument is brought up, typically by people who just wrote a few thousand words explaining why no one should ever ask for changes to rpgs, videogames, fantasy, sci-fi, etc.

Like, literally it’s an argument that destroys itself- if it’s such a non-issue because it is media, why is it so important to make sure people stop asking for more diversity? At that point, what are you really defending?

Sometimes a variation of this is “Why don’t you go fight ‘real racism’?!?” Of course, that one also sets up an interesting turn around – “Why are YOU arguing against fixing this, instead of out there fixing ‘real racism’ since you’re such an expert? Oh, ok.”

As always, the arguments aren’t really based in any logic, just a desire to shut down the conversation and derail anything that brings us back to the simple issue that games and geek media in general – are basically white male fantasies that cater to white men and where anyone else shows up, they’re often a stereotype or sex fantasy as envisioned by white men.

And, of course, the very telling reaction of “HOW DARE” anyone else suggest they might want an escapist fantasy of their own.

Who’s being the thought police here again?

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