Playtesting The Final Line

April 28, 2012

Finally got some playtesting in. My roommate and I finally both had the day off at the same time, so we playtested “The Final Line” one of the 1-hour rpgs I’ve been working on. This is basically the “Giant Superhero Crossover Climax” – where you pick your favorite heroes from the comic books, and you try to save the world… but not all of the heroes will make it.

Because it was just the two of us, we each picked two heroes – we had Scarlet Witch, Storm, The Beast, and Anole. The game plays out in two acts, the first one is the defense of Earth, and the second act is taking on the uber-villain, Revelation, on the moon.

What happened in play

We had Storm fending off a tidal wave from the devastation, Scarlet Witch reknitting the Bay Bridge, and the Beast and Anole making it to a cruise ship turned evac boat just a little too late after two of Revelation’s “Quantum Shadows” of himself killed everyone on board.

The second act saw the Scarlet Witch forcibly tearing the armor off of the army of Quantum Shadows and letting the vacuum do it’s work upon them, with Anole being seriously injured by Revelation while the Beast desperately tried to deactivate the Quantum Engine.

Storm had a breakthrough in her powers, realizing that weather control is quite close to control of possibilities, and during this epiphany and transformation, the Beast sacrificed himself to protect her. She then turned and walked towards Revelation, throwing lightning the whole way, until she was palming his head, and burnt him down to ashes, leaving nothing but a blackened handprint.


I think it was about a 40 minute game, so that worked fine. I was happy with the events it produced even though the cards were more favorable to the players by luck of the draw.

I did see some parts where I need to add some extra support to give direction and reduce the “creative load” the players have to bear (though, mind you, playing 2 characters means having to do twice as much as you’d normally need to), and a place or two to simply cut out a few extra training wheels that are unnecessary.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the core play and can’t wait to try it out some more.

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