Witch Girls Adventures 2nd Ed Kickstarter

May 9, 2012

ETA: After reading a thread on RPG.net that talked a bit more about this game, I’m going to recommend AVOIDING IT. Between the free comic and this bit, this whole thing looks like it’s full of a LOT of issues and none of them good.

I had been meaning to pick up the 1st edition some time ago, and it just slipped my mind. Naturally, I only find out about the kickstarter today, just before it closes, while I’m super broke. Here’s the page for the Kickstarter.

I have no personal experience of the game system, but the bits I’ve heard the designer speak on sounded interesting, especially as he does a lot of playtesting with women in the young adult crowd. Plus, supporting a creator of color!

I’ll have to put this on my list to get later.

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