New Fire – Ok, now I’ll give it a look

May 28, 2012

I’ve been mostly sitting on the side with this one, expecting it to be deeply problematic (since, basically, that has been par for the course when it comes to RPGs set in non-white cultures…). But this interview on Gaming as Women looks pretty hopeful:

But probably the most important and fruitful experiences came from actually speaking with people of indigenous Mesoamerican descent. I was fortunate to find many such individuals who were interested in sharing knowledge and insight about their culture.
At the beginning of New Fire I was very focused on books and archaeological information. Like many people, I just sort of assumed that these cultures were mostly dead and gone. But I learned early on that nothing could be further from the truth! Indigenous cultures are very much alive, and actually speaking to people who are part of those cultures is absolutely essential to understanding them.

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