Guy Shalev’s Friendship Game

June 9, 2012

With my game group having left the country for the summer, I’ve been getting some online gaming through Google Plus, which has been good. Last week I ran an Avatar The Last Airbender game using Guy Shalev’s Friendship Game.

The Friendship Game basically works on two economies – Light and Dark Tokens. Light Tokens are what you need to start scenes and to engage in conflicts using the dice, or to get bonus dice.

Light Tokens are earned mostly by doing friendship-type things – trusting your friends, helping them out, etc. Dark Tokens are earned by keeping secrets and the problems they cause – but Dark Tokens always eventually break open and must be revealed- which then earns everyone involved – more Light Tokens.

We had a great time, and I think if anything, I may end up houseruling down the number of ways you can get Light Tokens, but we’ll see.

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