Ben Lehman’s Pay What You Want Game Sale

June 26, 2012

Ben has done “Pay what you want” before, now he’s offering some of his games for free, with a pay what you want donation option. It’ll be a new game every day. I’ll be adding links as new games come up.

Clover: a game about childhood – the cute adventures of a little girl going around the neighborhood.

Bliss Stage: Teen emo drama, giant robots, and nightmare dimensions (Direct download of PDF here)

Ecology of the Mud Dragon: Pathetic tiny dragons attempt to kidnap princesses – hilarity ensues. (Direct download of PDF here)

Polaris: Knights defend a doomed society, how much will you sacrifice? (Direct download of PDF here)

The Drifter’s Escape: A Drifter just tries to make it through, but The Devil and The Man both want the Drifter’s soul… (Direct Download of PDF here)

Animal Crime: A noir crime story in Animal City (Direct Download of PDF here, Playsheets here)

XXXXtreme Street Luge: A game of bragging badassery of ballistic barrelling down the blacktop Direct Download of PDF here.

Beloved: A solo game of seeking the impossible and defeating the impossible. Direct Download of PDF here.

Being a role-playing game on the topic of the High-Flying adventures of Beatrice Henrietta Bristol-Smythe, DBE, daring Aviatrix and accomplished Exploratrix, and her Gentleman Companion, who for a Modest Fee, accompanies Beatrice Henrietta Bristol- Smythe, DBE, when the Occasion warrants her an Escort. (A pulp steampunk game) Direct Download of PDF here.

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