Dog Eat Dog now printed and available for sale

July 4, 2012

Dog Eat Dog: A Game of Imperialsim and Assimilation in the Pacific Islands is now available for general purchase.

As far as teaching games go, this game does an amazing thing about showing people both how oppressive systems operate by hidden rules AND how people under those systems get twisted trying to survive under them. It’s an amazing game and I’m glade it’s finally hit print.

In Liam’s words:

Dog Eat Dog is a game of colonialism and its consequences. As a group, you work together to describe one of the hundreds of small islands in the Pacific Ocean, defining the customs of the natives and the mores of the outsiders arriving to claim it. One player then assumes the role of the Occupation force, playing their capable military, their quisling government, and whatever jaded tourists and shrewd businessmen are interested in a not quite pacified territory. All the others play individual Natives, each trying in their own ways to come to terms with the new regime. The game begins when the war ends. Through a series of scenes, you play out the inevitably conflicted relationship between the two parties, deciding what the colonizers do to maintain control, which natives assimilate and which run amok, and who ends up owning the island in the end.

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