A Thousand and One Nights: new edition

August 8, 2012

1001 Nights cover- amazing new art

I’ve been totally out of it and didn’t even know 1001 Nights had a new edition coming out with an Indie Gogo campaign – you’ve got like 7 more hours to get in on this.

First off, this is a great RPG all around. It’s GM-less and the rules are very simple. Everyone is a servant in the Sultan’s Court, with your own ambitions, goals and jealousies.

Every scene the players take turns telling stories, where you recast the characters as folk tale characters to basically talk trash or try to say what you feel without openly saying what you feel. The other players affect the stories by asking questions which shapes the stories, and sets up a dice economy. At the end of the story, everyone has some amount of dice, which you use to try to either fulfill your ambitions, block other people’s ambitions, escape the Court altogether, and very importantly, avoid the Sultan’s wrath which results in your execution.

It’s really easy to learn, non-roleplayers pick it up quick and I’ve always had a great time with it.

Go get a copy!

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