Last Stand

January 14, 2013

Last Stand

So first off, I’m going to have to go support this game on the basis of – amazing POC artwork that’s not problematic.

The creator talks about pushback from folks about that cover.

I actually got a lot of flak for it though, during the Kickstarter and prepping for release. A number of colleagues hinted that I should, uh, worry more about my demographic and think about what they would actually like to see on a cover. A number of them recommended something less “exotic” or advised that I shouldn’t “tank sales just to make a point”. I got told more than a few times that it would never get on retail shelves unless I went with a more conventional central figure. (Dragon’s Lair in San Antonio and Austin will be stocking the book. I even did an in-store demo at the Austin location.) Some people didn’t even hide behind vague advice, I got told point blank to change the protagonist or the book would never sell since nobody can identify with her. Which was, uh.
It was a depressing series of experiences all around, but all of the fans I’ve talked to love the cover so that’s more important really.

It really says everything that people have an easier time imagining a world with giant bugs than imagining WOC as heroes…

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