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Potentially long health hiatus

May 3, 2013

Beginning of April I was admitted to the ER when I passed out suddenly in the street. I’ve been diagnosed with one of those weird sub-sub-types of cancer, which is bad. It was basically rare enough they hadn’t come up with any kind of standard treatment plan.

It’s also fast growing, the oncologist assumes I must have gotten it started Thanksgiving or so, and now it is occupying a major portion of my chest trying to directly strangle my aorta, superior vena cava, and press in on several nerve endings I use for stuff like eating and talking.

Through the greatest Mercy of God, I must have rolled some exploding luck die on a saving throw, because, 2 weeks ago a combined study was released on the New England Journal of Medicine which gives a 97% cure rate with this particular chemo mix. If they had caught it earlier and tried to treat, I’d be facing a much harder path with complications and less guarantees, and well, if it got caught later I’d be dead. I like to imagine I’ve spent every single Fate point, Luck point, or dropped 100 points in character creation to “Flip off Cancer once in your lifetime” advantage.

Mind you, the chemo cure is still 6-8 months of hard chemo, being in the hospital 1 week of every month, and I’ll probably be on oxygen for a couple of months until the mass gets off those arterial veins I use to feed by body the precious oxygen.

But I’ll be alive.

At some point, some friends will be organizing a donation site for my expenses. I’ll post when it comes to that, which right now is us mostly navigating the medical system and legal stuff. I’m just going to focus on getting through this chemo and living day to day.

Obviously, if I’m not playing games, I’m probably not going to be writing about them much for a while.

Peruse the archives, follow some links. Play some games!

Good wishes are appreciated!