Shadowrun via Inspectres

November 1, 2013

Picked up the Shadowrun Returns videogame since, hardcore chemotherapy leaves you with a lot of time on your hands.  The game starts with a crew breaking up because of stress and betrayal.  It struck me that this was basically an Inspectres game – small start-up, sent in to deal with high stress high danger jobs, and basically burns out the people involved.  And Inspectres plays a lot smoother than Shadowrun ever did, so…

Shadowrun using the Inspectres rules

Character Creation

1. Pick Race – Human, Dwarf, Elf, Orc, Troll

Humans: Pick a Talent per the normal rules

Dwarves +1 Technology, Elves +1 Contact, Orcs, +1 Athletics, Trolls +2 Athletics -1 Contact

2. Pick Archetype

Archetype works like a Talent as far as the Inspectres rules works.

Street Samurai, Rigger, Shaman, Mage, Adept, Decker


Franchise Dice becomes “Crew Dice”.  Pretty much all that happens is a renaming:

Library = Datafeed, Gym = Enhancers, Credit Card = Hardware Suppliers, Bank = Stash.

You could choose to hand out titles, though I’m guessing after everyone has picked Archetypes players will have a good idea of what their character does compared to another – the Decker or the Rigger will be your techies, etc.  Crews tend to either make decisions by votes or by having a leader, and if you go with someone in charge, good idea to pick that person now.


Stress for Shadowrunners is obviously inclined towards more serious stuff than the wacky hijinks of Inspectres.  

Stress Rolls

1  – Mundane hassles – going hungry from lack of creds, lack of sleep from neighbors yelling, having to take the long way around because a neighborhood is on police lockdown, finding your stuff stolen, etc.

2 – Mundane hassles w/some danger or consequence – being betrayed, getting arrested for minor things, facing a mugging or minor street altercation, surviving a non-targeted driveby shooting, catching a wound that you or your friends can patch up, finding the body of a friend.

3 – Real Heat – being ambushed or under serious assault from other runners or professionals, Having a SWAT team after you, surviving a bombing or organized terrorist attack, being seriously wounded where you should see a street doc soon, finding the body of a friend or relative you thought would live safe and never see the shadows.

4 – Outgunned – being under attack from assault vehicles while on foot, going up against a cyber or magical being that you probably need a rocket launcher for, having several special forces teams after you, getting hurt bad enough someone better take you to the hospital or top end street doc now.

5 – Fuck Me – Finding out the last 10 years of your life were engineered to happen the way they did by a megacorp, discovering a plan to forcibly alter everyone’s DNA but having no way of stopping it, finding out all those close friends you thought betrayed you so you killed them first in a giant vendetta – didn’t, etc.

Cool Dice

Cool Dice work pretty much the same way.  The only difference is that Shadowrunners aren’t normal folks dealing with ghosts – they’re a little more inured to the madness around them.  

Once per session, a Shadowrunner can spend 2 from a Crew Dice type to buy a single Cool die before a Stress roll.  This might be something like “Adrenal Control Chip”, “A Spell of Calming”, “Pills, lots of fucking pills”, or whatever explanation works.  The Cool die remains (provided you didn’t roll so bad as to lose it).


Confessionals work the same way.  For extra fun, each player might want to declare what their character’s usual way of having a confessional works for them – one person might have a blog, another might sit in VR space talking to their favorite program, another guy drinks and talks to the portrait of his dead partner, someone else maybe literally goes to the church and has a confession with the priest.  These all set up fun ways of coloring how you might be having those confessionals.

Personality traits apply just like in Inspectres.

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