Quinn Murphy’s Five Fires

November 6, 2013

I remember this started, almost a year ago, when Quinn asked the very cool question, “What if the mythology of the world of the Wu-Tang Clan was real?” – we ended up geeking on everything from Jeru to Deltron to Blokhedz and more.  Mage + hiphop.  (Yes, also Wyrd is Bond… and it’s problematic presentations…) and it looks like it’s finally coming together:

In Five Fires, you play members of a hiphop crew of MCS, graffiti writers, breakers, and DJs. You deal with problems of your life, and use art to cope with your stress. When your art gets out into the world, you get a chance to make it big. You can increase your status or wealth, or maybe change the community around you.  

Five Fires has just seen alpha-testing at Metatopia, and I’m working on the alpha docs now. If you back me on Patreon, you’ll have access this before anyone else. In addition, you’ll have access to any tabletop project I’m working on before anyone else. Five Fires is in my sites now, but it won’t be long before I’m working on an Afrocentric fantasy game, or building a game about Double Dragon.

You can back this on Patreon.

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