Five Fires – Hiphop RPG

December 28, 2013

Quinn Murphy on the Five Fires RPG he’s working on, which you can support and get early in on the playtest work on Patreon.

 “A Hip Hop RPG?  What, Wu-Tang in a Dungeon?”

No. (not yet. Wait for it…)

Five Fires is a game about making art.  The specific form of creation are the skills and talents of those involved in hiphop culture in the late 70s and early 80s.  You play regular people with powerful abilities of expression.  You live your life, deal with problems, and make art to heal yourself and maybe, just maybe, you can heal the world along the way.

I’ve been pretty hyped about this game for over a year now.  I’m pretty excited he’s moving it forward and can’t wait to playtest it.

ETA – Quinn gave the ok to quote this part in the playtest doc which nails it:

Hip hop has been blamed for everything you can think of. Throughout its life, the culture and genre has had its enemies and those who seek to callously criminalize it. This book is not going to upset those fears. Hip hop is dangerous. It can and has literally changed the world for millions of people. It is dangerous to the status quo, opening eyes and sharing a different viewpoint to what we are commonly offered.

Hip hop is not perfect. One criticism that can be levelled at the genre is that it can be homophobic and misogynistic. If that is a concern, please know that such aspects of hip hop are not in this book. To me, the core value of hip hop is love.  It is a genre and culture that helps people know themselves and their communities, and imparts wisdom. Where it has deviated into these values is a distraction from that, and not one I wish to repeat or endorse in these pages.

There is so much to love and so much love within hiphop, that I’ll gladly sacrifice some “realism” to make a game that feels and plays safe and that demonstrates those core values.

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