Tenra Bansho Zero: Asura God Dii-Go

February 7, 2014

Tonight’s game the players faced the epic Asura – half of the Earth Spirit Dii-Go.  They managed to finish it just before it dished out it’s second uber attack.  

Asura God Dii-Go

Half of the Oni Earth Spirit – Dii Go, driven mad with pain and anger, which has been chained and trapped by the Shinto Priesthood and used to power their orbital strike powers.

Long ago, the Shinto Priesthood, through immense tech and magic, managed to capture half of Dii-Go’s spirit and trapped it into a 108,000 Soul Mirror Reactor. It has been used to fire massive beams upon Tenra at various points in history…turning it further and further into an entity of pure rage… an Asura.

Upon entering the giant satellite chamber, one can see nearly a cocoon of red steel chains, pulsating, breathing with rage. They spin quicker and quicker and spin away to reveal the chained form of the Asura half of Dii-Go – a massive, stone Oni, whose eyes burn with red light and do not stop flowing tears of blood.

Fate- Goal – Destroy everything.


Vitality 54

Rolls 15 Dice (half of a god, chained up. Normally much higher.). Has a skill of 5 with any Body, Agility, Senses, or Spirit roll. As an asura, it cannot be reasoned with, and is in pure blinding rage.

The Broken God

Whenever Dii Go hits a PC, it does damage equal to their Karma divided by 5 (round down). It doesn’t matter if Dii Go gets 1 success over or 15 successes, the damage is always based on the target’s karma.

Assume NPCs take 15 points of damage if there are any helping.

Aura of Rage

Before anyone gets to act, Dii Go’s rage simply inflicts 5 points of damage on everyone. This happens at the beginning of every round thereafter. This damage cannot be blocked, or avoided. It affects anything living or having a mind of any sort.

During the battle, Asura Dii Go has the Shinto satellite raining down beams upon the planet.

Hope or Hate?

Players attempting to attack or counterattack Asura Dii Go cannot use their normal Skill ranks, they must use a rank equal to the highest Fate that would apply. So, if a player had “Free the Oni” as a Fate 3, they would use it as a Skill 3 roll. This does not affect the power levels or abilities available based on skill – it only affects the rolls.

Yes, a player may have a higher Fate than skill and thereby benefit from this effect.


Let the players know the following:

Every time Dii Go makes a roll, offensively or defensively, I’m going to count up each success. It’s getting more powerful and more dangerous as time goes on. Something terrible will happen when it reaches 36 successes. Something even worse when it hits 72 successes. At 108 successes, you will lose this battle, and the consequences are unthinkable. Don’t let that happen. You may want to call for a Moment of Truth at some point.

36 – Arahabaki

At 36 successes, randomly roll to see which PC or major allied NPC is targeted by Arahabaki. There is no dodging, the target takes 3,000 points of damage. If they have a Dead box and take the damage that way, their body is incinerated completely, but they exist as a corporeal spirit to finish the fight and they are henceforth an Ayakashi (re-stat next time you play and they should have a Fate about it). If they die via losing all their Vitality before this fight is over, their spirit shatters and they are truly lost.

72- Ultimate Amatsu Mikaboshi

The cascade of orbitals strikes cease, and a single beam fires down, getting larger and larger and larger.

The whole continent cracks in half and begins to sink in.

108 – Asura Freed

The chains restraining Dii Go snap apart, and it forgets the small worries that is the PCs. It rips itself out of the satellite and flings itself, horn first, towards the planet below. It accelerates through the atmosphere, faster and faster and strikes an ocean. Tsunamis hit every coast.

Dark Dii Go is now a creature with stats at 108 that rampages across the globe as it will.

Stopping it will be a whole campaign unto itself, and Tenra will be devastated for centuries to come.

Defeating Dii Go

Once beaten down to zero Vitality, the Deity can be sealed away, and the PCs can unlock the psychic dampeners before leaving the satellite – Dii Go’s rage will kill anyone who gets too close to the satellite and it will be left as a terrible reminder of human desires for destruction.

Alternatively, if someone finds a way to cleanse/fix Dii Go and return it to the world, the Oni ALL find their Resonance skills instantly raised by 1 rank (to a max of 5) and the oni-blooded or those who have cut off their horns instantly grow full Oni Horns as well.

The reunited Dii Go’s horn will light up and fire a signal beam into space, to summon Alu…

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