Korean Game Chef Contest

May 8, 2014

Korean Game Chef Contest

I haven’t followed the “Game Chef” contest in years… but I guess there’s a Korean version now, too?  Should be interesting to see if this splits out among more directions too.


  1. Hello,

    I am so sorry to use a comment for this message, but I did not find another way to contact you on the blog.
    My name is Coralie and I am currently writing a PhD on RPG in Comparative Literature, at the Paris 13 University.
    For that work, I would like to know if you would agree to give me an interview by email. This interview will be in the thesis, and of course I will not modify it.
    The purpose of this interview is to know your opinions about some specific points, and to gather the different tendencies in the world of RPGs.
    Of course, you are free to answer to the questions the way you want (long or short answers, skipping some of them, etc.)

    I am looking forward to hearing from you, because your contribution would be very valuable.

    Best regards, Coralie.

    • Hi Coralie,

      I’m not interested in doing an interview. Good luck with your thesis and school work!

  2. OK, thank you for answering me!

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