Forge Bundle of Holding

July 12, 2014

The current Bundle of Holding has a LOT of Forge games for sale, and a lot that I can recommend as being worth checking out and playing!

Breaking the Ice – a great 2 player game that plays a bit like a rom-com.  It’s fast, fun and very flexible.

Shadow of Yesterday – A fantasy game which developed “Keys” as a reward mechanic, which you can see in Lady Blackbird or the recent Marvel Superheros Roleplaying Game as Milestones.

octaNe – a post apocalyptic game of wacky hijinks to grindhouse violence, depending on how you turn the dial. One of the first games to really use smart narration trading mechanics.

Trollbabe – A super light system with fun narration trading, where your character only powers up by making relationships to characters.

Dog’s in the Vineyard – A nice game that forces you to make hard choices in each conflict, and “damage” makes your character grow as a person.

Universalis – probably one of the best GM-less RPGs out there.

Sorcerer – dark supernatural stories – think if you had Vampire via The Wire.

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