D&D and not being the target market

March 27, 2015

Via MCSerf on Twitter

screencap of Mike Mearls thread

Now here’s a thing I point out a lot in other situations: anyone who cares about human rights as long as they’re treated nice, isn’t actually an ally.  Say, if a woman is really crappy to me, do I go, “Oh, I don’t CARE if horrible misogynistic violence happens TO HER?” and if enough women are crappy to me do I go, “Well fuck women’s rights?!? Let’s roll back the clock to the 1600s?”

The people who do that were never really worried about human rights to begin with.   The basis of justice and human rights has to rest on something bigger than “how I personally get treated”.

So, Mike Mearls is saying that people arguing for more representation, more equality and more humanity are worse than the harassbros?

Ok, that’s cool.  We can leave you alone, and take our business elsewhere.  Thanks for being very clear on that.

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