Formalized Scene Structuring

August 15, 2015

I’ve been trying to get back into the groove on running games.  It’s been tough as I can’t run with my usual group due to my new job schedule, and playing online with new people involves the usual hurdles of tech logistics, new scheduling, and new communication spaces.  The thing I’ve noticed that has been the hardest part of falling back into play is keeping up momentum on scenes – which, when I think back to why it worked so well for my usual group is that we’ve internalized the Primetime Adventures method of scene structuring, which boils down to this:

Go around the table, each player (including the GM) gets a turn to set up a scene, focused on any of the PCs they’re interested in (including their own, as players).

I think I’m just going to import this rule into most of the games I run, since it works better for getting people to plan for the kinds of scenes they want to see, and to have time to think about it while play continues.  As a formalized rule, it also sets expectations and I think ends up being one of the fundamental play habits which kind of permeated a lot of the games out of the Forge era, but effectively became an “unspoken oral practice” which is kind of necessary to make half of the games even work right.

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