Stop genocidal white supremacy

August 12, 2017
If you are a person who is not targeted by white supremacists, I’d like you to consider what you will do to stop them in your country.

Will you organize a voting block, starting with your most local politicians and then go larger? Will you demand police target these murderous gangs of terrrorists and not innocent people?

Can you send material support, in the form of money to an organization? Will you donate to someone’s legal or medical fund?

Can you change any policy where you work to make sure hatemongers cannot thrive? Will you see that the people who are already harming others are stopped and addressed by HR or management? Will you follow it through when those groups probably choose to ignore the problem?

Will you stop and watch police interactions with people of color and step in, to make sure they’re not being harmed? Will you do a counterprotest against racists?

There’s a lot of ways to help.

But if you will do nothing, please unfollow my blog and any other place you might know me.  It’ll be easier for you to not have me around now, rather than feel sad after they get to me and the people around me.

If you cannot be a decent human, you can, at least, be honest with yourself.

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