April 2021 Game Hype

March 30, 2021

Eh. March disappeared in an instant, and while April is 2 days away, might as well do the write up now.

Uncharted Worlds

We’re a few sessions in, and, my idea of using a hex map for the issues of space travel and war is working out well. We just had a full session of strategizing and planning – the map naturally sets up the players in situations where there is, on average, 3 places they might want to go, but which one is the best choice given the enemy’s intentions and their limited capacity as a single ship?

The issue I was afraid of, that the generalized Move system would cut out the support you get from Apocalypse World’s clear stakes in most Moves is actually true, and it’s a bit sad because it is one of the key points I think a lot of PbtA designs miss out on.


We’re also a couple of sessions into Perilous. It is very light and easy to work with in terms of mechanics, but it is also very swingy in terms of outcomes. Much like Uncharted Worlds, without better stakes guidance, though the math is easy, the creative lifting is a bit harder.

That said, I’m not totally sure this would be my go to for dungeoncrawls specifically – I’d like to try some of the dungeon specific games like 5 Torches Deep as a comparison. Perilous might just work better for the more general adventure set up instead.

Amour Astir Advent

I saw someone recommend this on Twitter and I’m glad I picked it up. It’s a magical mecha game, with influences from Gundam, Escaflowne, Voltron, and more. You are rebels fighting an oppressive power, with the setting pretty much open for you to design specifics.

The mechanics are pretty much – emo drama = powering up. Relationships have their equivalent to Countdown Clocks from Apocalypse World – when they’re full, the relationship has to change (grow, shift, fall apart) and you get your advancement primarily through that. The game splits play between Sorties and Downtime. I’d love to play this and compare it to Bliss Stage, as Bliss Stage delivers unparalleled heart breaking scenes between characters, this might be a good option for a little less intensity and a little more mechanical heft.

Witch Quest

I had forgotten about Witch Quest! One of my friends reminded me a month ago and I’ve been thinking about it since. It’s basically the Kiki’s Delivery Service RPG, with the bonus that players can play either a witch or a cat familiar. I think this will probably be the next thing I run for my group. (Golden Sky Stories is also on that list, but given I have enough players who love witches, Witch Quest will probably be an easier draw.)

Since it’s been years since I had looked at the rules I only vaguely remember bits, but I do remember it’s got it’s own tarot cards, and I’d probably want to research into whether I want to print and cut up a set or make them virtually on a shared table system.

There’s about a dozen other games I ended up snagging on sale I need to look through and see what they’re doing mechanically as well.

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