July 2021 Game Hype

July 5, 2021

This is a quiet month. The expected rush around work has been happening, but on the other hand, my GMing has lightened up. I may run a short game on the weekends for some friends I haven’t gamed with in a few years, but we’ll probably stick to something we know well – Primetime Adventures, since we have a deadline of availability.

So, while the links are light this month, just go look at the past game hype posts this year – I haven’t gotten to play most everything on those either, a giant backlog, sigh. If I can get a more reasonable work schedule, we’ll see what can happen there.


A lightweight anime game about robot/alien tech weapon android girls who fight other alient tech android girls as humanity tries to survive. Sort of halfway between Knights of Sidonia, Magical Girl anime, Nier:Automata, and ship-girl media like Arpeggio of Blue Steel or Azur Lane minus the hypersexualization. I’m really interested in how the combat loadouts and the randomized upgrade system works in play and whether it holds up under the 6-12 session range.

Apocalypse World Central Tool Site

Found this site, which has some great tools for character tracking, etc. It’s still missing some of the functionality, so we’re still using Roll20 for our AW game but I think this has a lot of great stuff for anyone looking to play Apocalypse World.

Gender is a Game

Although I haven’t really used this space to recommend articles, Jamila R. Nedjadi’s absolutely fantastic article on their journey in gaming and the space to explore identity, gender and self is something I recommend for everyone to check out.

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