Game Hype – December 2021

December 14, 2021

Life has been pretty hectic and I haven’t been able to game much, much less keep up on the new games. However, I recently picked up some games and have been pretty excited by what I’ve seen.


A tiny “pamphlet RPG” designed to do one shots of a cyberpunk run/heist. There is one trifold for the GM and one trifold for the players. It runs on a very cut down system of Blades in the Dark, and since it’s not worried about between mission or larger campaign stuff, you can get just to the meat of play. The rules on cybertech are light and elegant, and likewise the small but critical inventory of gear. I can’t wait to run it sometime.


.Dungeon is an RPG about friends playing an MMO. Well, it’s actually more like if you’ve seen some of the anime/manga that are set in an MMO, whether that’s something like Bofuri or Sword Art Online, etc. The meta layer here does a couple of things; the story is about how this group of friends interacts with each other and other gamers; but also there’s the “what’s going on in the game?” kind of story and a bit of “Who’s the best?” of sports anime. All at once.

It has a lot of tools for prepping or improvising NPCs, locations, missions, etc. which is helpful for a GM having to make content quickly or easily. One thing that is very interesting is that the actual “mechanics” of the RPG is not actually defined, so you can basically treat it all the way sci-fi treats science babble, except it’s whatever gamerspeak system you want to make up (“Oh no! That’s a 5 color Reverse Combination Mana Dragon!” “But because the dodge multiplier stacks with the Rune bonus, it actually has no limit to how often it can be used!”).

It seems neat though I -feel- there’s probably a low ceiling for how many sessions the system is aiding in generating new ideas.

Apocalypse Frame

A lightweight, tactical mecha RPG! Usually most mecha games either bog down in details or have no depth. This game intends for you to use a hexmap, with hexes representing quite some distance so most movement is 1-2 hexes. There’s also interesting room for variation on mecha, and some situational/terrain effects that are pretty neat.

Campaign play expects that you’re marshalling resources across multiple missions as well as trying to advance strategic goals. One of the core loops is earning Favors from your own division as well as that of others in order to get access to better gear or to advance larger goals

This also looks fun and perhaps the right level of crunch to hit the important buttons without being needlessly finnicky.

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