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Role Playing Girl

February 7, 2010

Role Playing Girl is a zine (print & PDF) that is written, edited, illustrated, etc. by women who are involved in the roleplaying hobby- as designers, publishers, and gamers.

I’ve just gotten my copy, and only had a chance to skim it, but two things immediate jumped out at me:

First, that the zine does an incredible job of highlighting and promoting – there’s 25 notable women in roleplaying – listing credits of games they’ve worked on, in what fashion, links to websites, blogs, galleries, conventions, games, podcasts, communities, etc. I mean, there’s a lot there.

Second, that the articles mostly have pictures of the authors with them. If you’re not seeing enough women in gaming (whether because you’re isolated or because you’re not looking) it puts faces for you to relate to. Not that I think there’s any need to “prove with pictures” for legitimacy, but if you’re dealing with people’s monkey brain of assumptions, images are one way to go straight to the point.


Lies for profit

November 21, 2009

Both Glockgal and Willow pointed out that in the white worldview POC aren’t real people, but rather figments of fantasy in people’s heads. Newspaper Rock comments on the fact that when several Quileute youth are invited to take part of the opening night- most of the stars and people are shocked to find out it’s not a made-up tribe:

Comment: Let’s think about this a minute. Millions of people have read the Twilight books and seen the Twilight movie. The media has written tens of thousands of articles on the Twilight phenomenon. Yet after all that scrutiny, half the media don’t realize there’s a real Quileute tribe?!

This is what happens when you turn real Indians into fictional warriors, shamans, and werewolves. You place them in some alternate reality of mystery and magic where they never fought European invaders, signed peace treaties, or established modern governments. By equating Indians with ferocious beast-men, you deny that they have the accouterments of a civilized people: history, culture, language, religion, philosophy, and art.

The problem remains that the fiction about POC is more prevalent than the fact and, when tied with strong aversive racism and privilege, you have a power structure supported by folks who are willfully ignorant and unwilling to deal with people as people, as well as making concentrated efforts to keep us from having access to venues to tell our stories.

The argument “it’s only fiction” really can only apply if you have context to understand the difference between fiction and reality.

And it’s always interesting how one group profits in reality for making fantasy about another.


Support Verb Noire

October 28, 2009

I don’t do a lot of donation pleading – I figure if you’re reading what I’m writing, you’re probably the kind of person who’s doing what you can, as you can, with the organizations and communities you’re involved with.

I would like to ask you to consider dropping $5 or $10 to via Paypal as Verb Noire is in danger of losing the entire print run of it’s first book.

The reason I’m supporting this, like I support the APIA Spoken Word Summit, is that this is a venue giving people space to find their own voices.

If you’ve ever been through some shit, you know sometimes, your own voice is all you got to keep you going through the night. It’s really easy to accept what everyone else is saying, because they have a place for you, a role for you, and that place is failure, and that place is hell. It takes a lot of strength, suffering, and luck to find your way out.

You don’t know how much it means when you see other people doing it.

Or how much it means when other people show you that you can do it for yourself.

So, if anything I’ve ever written, has inspired you, please consider helping out.



Catherynne Valente is kinda awesome

August 14, 2009

Great books + sane rants:

If you really, in your heart of hearts, think there is a homosexual agenda, a PC army, a feminist conspiracy–why do you feel so comfortable and gleeful spewing bile about them in public? I assure you, the easiest way to determine who has power in a culture and who does not is to look at who feels safe to speak freely, and who does not. The homosexual/feminist/PC agenda? I’ll give it to you in one sentence:

We would like to be treated as humans.

That’s it. That’s all. And that does not actually impinge on your right to be treated as same.


Changing Faces

August 6, 2009

The Verb Noire site is looking pretty snazzy. I might talk to them about publishing game related books- less that I need a publisher and more that I want to work with and contribute towards building up a company whose goals are in line with my own.

Liar is getting a non-whitewashed cover. “Totally not because a bunch of writers, readers, editors and customers got upset”. I’m sure they were totally going to come to enlightened understanding of whitewashing covers on their own, they didn’t need us nagging them, right? :/

The APIA Word Summit is getting it’s own blog! It should be interesting to hear from a lot of folks over the next 2 years between Summits what’s going on.

The most recent Independent Insurgency Podcast with Emily Care Boss is pretty neat- I haven’t really picked up on Sign In Stranger- but it sounds like it captures the issues of experience of different cultures and a bit of assimilation in a neat way.