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h1 Creator Day Nov. 25th

November 19, 2022

On Friday Nov. 25th, will not be taking any cuts from the creators’ sales, so it’s a great time to buy games if you’ve had stuff sitting on your wish list – more of the money goes direct to the people making the games.

Here’s some recommendations of games I’ve picked up and think other people might like:

Hardwired Island – Do you like cyberpunk that’s about fighting the system crushing us all? HWI is the game.
Once More Into the Void – light, fast, story focal “Mass Effect” type game.
Mutants in the Now – an amazing love letter to the original TMNT RPG with great modern design attached.
Apocalypse Frame – Military mecha action. Think Battletech minus the high crunch and slow resolution.
Dolls of Theseus – Do you like Nier Automata or Megaman? Do emo assassin android ladies sound fun? Light solid system.
FIST – Light 80s action – think A-Team meets Ninja Turtles meets Airwolf meets Terminator meets Scanners.
CBR+PNK – Lightweight Blades in the Dark-ish game for fast, brutal cyberpunk action games.
Armour Astir: Advent – Mecha + Magic. Think Netflix Voltron.
FrontEarth Striders – A weird, cool achronistic (post apocalyptic?) fantasy game where you use WW1 gear to adventure.
Princess with a Cursed Sword – solo storytelling game
HexKit – computer program to draw hexmaps. Super easy to use, high recommendation.


Signalboost: TTRPGs for Reproductive Rights Bundle

May 13, 2022

 All proceeds from this bundle will be donated to Planned Parenthood and NNAF (National Network of Abortion Funds)  so that much-needed funds will be distributed on both national and local levels and across race, gender, and economic status. 

h1 – TTRPGs for Trans Rights in Texas Bundle

March 4, 2022

The bundle is $5 and can be found here. They’re about 93% of the way to their goal, but you get access to the games, zines, supplements, etc. as soon as you pay.

Aside from being a good cause, the bundle is has a very wide selection, ranging from your expected 5E supplement material and OSR type stuff to full indie games of the breadth from superheroes, cyberpunk, sci-fi, supernatural, horror, and every day or introspective games, including solo games.

Now mind you, I, personally want action movie content for my RPGs, and 70% of the bundle isn’t that, but there are already 3-4 games in there I had been thinking of getting for months – and each one is $10-30 by themselves, so this easily was worth it, even paying more than the $5 ask.

Probably over the next 2 months I’ll be posting some Game Hype posts about some of the games I find, but if you’re thinking of seeing some of what interesting new things people are making in RPGs, it’s a low investment with a TON of material. Go check it out!


Fundraiser by Mandy Morbid / Amanda Nagy

November 27, 2021

Please donate and share!

Signal Boost: Paizo Blog – International Transgender Day of Visibility

March 31, 2021

Go read!

Many voices, with a lot to say. Still a long way to go.