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“Go make your own” “No not like that”

May 29, 2021

As of today, Into the Motherlands Kickstarter is four times funded and has several weeks to still go. It has 14 videos on Youtube showing play and setting in action, using Cortex Prime, which they have stated may or may not be the final system they work with, but clearly shows they have a strong vision for the game.

As usually happens, angry Hatebros are upset to see POC doing well and succeeding and we basically get the same questions that rarely seem to spring up for white creators. It’s no surprise that racists come out in droves when anyone excels in ways that make whites feel jealous.

It’s wild to me because you can look at most IP/Franchise based RPG conversions and see a lot of terrible design and those give you even less info on what the vision / goals of system are and we don’t see open accusations of fraud or deception…

Anyway, we’re back to the same old problems we’ve always had. Some folks got “whites only” signs in their heads and at their game tables and are very angry other people don’t play by those rules.


Genocide: The Funtimes

October 16, 2011

Who remembers Patricia Wrede’s decision to erase all NDN folks from the Americas for her book?

Wasn’t that awesome? You know what else is awesome? Changing indigenious peoples into Orcs because having the players “accidentally” commit genocide is awesome. (warning: link is rage inducing. But I’d hope that’d be pretty obvious.)

And just a few years back, I wrote about how the language used to describe orcs was identical to the language used to describe natives historically

Let’s start with problem #1:

– main reasons to why relations between white settlers and indians went sour?

Having internet access and asking this question is rather disingenuous. A lot like “What went sour between Germans and Jews in WW2?” It’s a mystery!

But also: why would you ask this question on a gaming forum instead of a history site? Why would you lead off without mentioning the point until halfway through, if you didn’t actually think there was something problematic about it? What part of “Gotcha! You’re genocidal war criminals!” part of game playing is fun?

What mindset shifts the genocidal violence into “misunderstandings”??? That’s like saying someone got stabbed 87 times because my hand slipped.

There’s plenty of room for rpgs to deal with serious issues, but part of that requires honesty to the history and situation.

Again, though, people act as if native folks are extinct or mythical and not numbering in the millions, and keep reducing their lives and history to either appropriated exotification ala Ganakagok or absence such as the upcoming Into The Far West.

Basically, if the only way you can treat people is to either rewrite their history wholesale, make magical creatures that fit the same racist stereotypes used to justify genocide, OR simply not have them exist in your media…well, that says a lot about you.


At this point, the thread has pretty much revealed the whole racist situation going on.

1. Ask an “innocent” question.

2. Big reveal of racist bullshit for maximum drama
a) it’s clear he understands it’s problematic, which is why he didn’t come straight with it to begin with.
b) pretends it’s a hypothetical situation

3. 2nd Big reveal “I’ve been playing it already! And my (white) players aren’t hurt by it, therefore you all are stupid and my racism is totally ok and awesome” self-cockstroking.

Notice, at no point, is he acting in good faith to any conversation at all in that thread, but began it and proceeded, through the whole process, to lie for the sake of maximizing attention.

Like, he could have continued playing his game and not posted about it, but “Gaming Genocide is Awesome Let Me Show You” clearly was too much to resist.

And while roleplaying is a tiny sub-sub-culture, this attitude basically reflects the general issues of white supremacy elsewhere as well: “Let me explain to you why genocide (while regrettable) was totally understandable and re-rationalize it for you.”

White supremacy evangelism, basically.